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Yogorino Italian-Style Fro-Yo Rolls Into San Francisco

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The SF locations won't look exactly like this, but close!
The SF locations won't look exactly like this, but close!

And now, more on the outposts of Italian frozen yogurt chain Yogorino opening here in San Francisco in the coming months. Owner Joanne Wills will oversee two franchise locations: the first one to open around Memorial Day where Sausalito Espresso used to be in Embarcadero 4; the second is forecasted to open on Chestnut Street in the old Sweet Dish (2144 Chestnut St) digs on June 16th. Those dates, as usual, are subject to change.

Wills first tried and fell in love with the Yogorino product in Philadelphia, where the company currently has its only U.S. outpost. (They also have about 200 stores in Italy and locations in 70 total countries, including China and Russia.) Wills, a former bankruptcy lawyer turned frozen yogurt afficionado, feels strongly that this frozen yogurt is very different from the Pinkberrys and Tutti Melons of the world.

She says it's "not sweet, not tart, but creamy with a great consistency as if you froze real Greek yogurt." The product is made with 2% milk that will probably come from Clover Organic Farms. Many of the hard and soft toppings—there's talk of a hot pistachio sauce, a semi-sweet chocolate sauce, and one with milk chocolate and Piemonte hazlenuts—will come from Italy. Fresh, seasonal fruit toppings will, naturally, be sourced here. All cups and spoons are 100% biodegradable.

Wills goes on to explain the Chestnut street location will also feature ten flavors of "real" Italian gelato. Yogorino will ship in their electric gelato-making wheel and an Italian gelato master will come to the Marina to train her employees. The Embarcadero location will offer coffee in addition to the frozen yogurt. Wills isn't sure what kind yet, but it'll be Italian, that's for sure. Now take a moment to view the gallery above and this video here to give you a visual of what's in store.

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