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Humphry Slocombe's Twitter Game For Good

Humphry Slocombe has over 310,000 followers on Twitter; that's more than the weekday circulation of the SF Chronicle. And new social engagement website Engage4Change sees it as a potential game changer. They recently paid up front for 500 ice cream cones in exchange for the blast of a proposition to Humphry Slocombe's followers: contribute an idea to their latest agenda to make SF a better place, and get a free cone. On April 11th, the best ideas will be presented to Mayor Ed Lee. It's a cool idea interested parties should cash in on over the weekend. But we're also thinking about its larger implications for the Twitterverse.

Although Humphry Slocombe's followers probably don't mind being "spammed" with a good cause like that of Engage4Change, we're sure corporate advertising wouldn't be well-received among their loyal base. And we can't help thinking that's where this is all headed. Twitter moguls like Humphry Slocombe will no doubt be pressured with big bucks from strategic, forward-thinking companies with ad dollars to spare. And while we can't picture our local, eccentric ice cream evangelists biting on the latest Reno resort ad campaign, some avid tweeters are bound to sell out. Anyone out there seen some unlikely 140 character messages from their favorites on Twitter? To the comments!

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