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Cupola Signs Ex-Bar Bambino Chef, Bluestem Hiring, More!

Photo: CHOW

CHEF SHUFFLES - The team at the Westfield's forthcoming Cupola have told us about their pizza oven and snazzy Cass Calder Smith design; they've released their menus; and now they're ready to spill the beans about the chef. It'll be Christian Hermsdorf last seen as chef de cuisine at Bar Bambino. He'll be pulling mozzarella to order and hand-making sausages, among many other things. See him in action here. In other news, Cupola culinary director Adrian Hoffman learned how to make pizza with Neapolitan pizza-maestro Enzo Coccia, so it should be a pretty solid team back there. Cupola folks are being a little cagey about the opening, but it may happen in June. [EaterWire]

NOW HIRING - Adam Jed's high pro Yerba Buena project, Bluestem is currently looking for "guest-focused managers." Here's the Craigslist ad. [EaterWire]

GALA CELEBRATIONS - City Beer Store just passed its five year mark in SoMa and to celebrate they've released five fifth anniversary beers. SFoodie has the skinny. [SFoodie]

POP-UPS - Beer and Nosh went to the sneak peek of Eddie Lau's new Dux duck-centric dinner at The Summit. Take a look at all this food porn for an idea of what to expect. Lau makes enough for just eight people to dine every Sunday. More here. [Beer & Nosh, EaterWire]

Cupola Pizzeria

845 Market Street 4th Floor Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103


865 Market Street, San Francisco, CA