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Le Shutter For Le Club, Keller's Footwear, Placenta, More!

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THE SHUTTER? - Nob Hill's Le Club was supposed to reopen with a different, more casual shtick; but now GrubStreet gets the inkling it's probably not happening. We also reached out to owner Gina Milano but haven't heard anything. More as we learn it. [GrubStreet]

WTFS - The Chron has the story on a food club that recently decided to adventure into eating human placenta. Some club members feared it was cannibalism, but a science guy says it's "closer to biting your finger nail." Daniel Patterson put his wife's placenta in a Bolognese sauce after she had their baby; so it must be ok. [Chron]

KELLERVERSE - According to Zagat, Thomas Keller wore shoes that said "Death" on one foot and "Glory" on the other to the James Beard Awards. We get the glory, but "death" seems so dark-goth-metal band for Keller. So many questions. [Zagat]

ABC WIRE - Salvadorean haunt Martita (5278 Mission St) has applied for a beer and wine license; and SoMa Vietnamese restaurant Rainbow Way (486 3rd St) had its license suspended. [EaterWire]

EASTERN MIGRATIONS - Tony Gemignani of Tony's Pizza Napoletana in North Beach will open a place called 900 Degrees in NYC's West Village next weekend. Meanwhile back in North Beach, Tony has added to the menu a gluten-free pizza, cooked in a gluten-free pizza oven, no less. He'll be in New York for a little bit to help 900 Degrees get off the ground, but don't worry, he's coming back. [ISSF]