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Eater Book Club

Emily%20Lucchetti%20Book.jpgWaterbar and Farallon pastry chef Emily Luchetti's new cookbook The Fearless Baker is out. The book aims to take the intimidation out of baking for people like lawyers, glassblowers and other professionals who don't spend much time in the kitchen. Luchetti tells The Merc her favorite "surprisingly simple" recipes are for chocolate pick-me-up cookies, almond sundaes with espresso-white chocolate sauce and a strawberry tart. Then she turns around and pimps the lemon cream with smashed berries and a "super easy" dark chocolate cake with mocha–milk chocolate frosting to 7x7. And remember, "if you’ve passed the bar, that’s a lot harder to do than making brownies!" [The Merc, 7x7]