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Palmyra Gets Booze, Pie Wars Approach, More!

ABC WIRE - Players Arcade and Sports Grill on Pier 39 now has the go ahead to serve liquor on top of the beer, wine and soju they already had. And the months-old Palmyra got a beer and wine license. Party on guys. [EaterWire]

DOH ALERT - A "prominent San Francisco restaurant" that serves "over a hundred meals a day" and has "been open for over a year now" was accused of food poisoning a young diner. Here's how they handled it. [CHOW]

THE UNDERGROUND - Another NoisePop "Covers" dinner was just announced to the public. We know it's $77 for six courses and an amuse by Blair Warsham of graffEats. And it's BYOB, but you don't find out where it is unless you buy tickets. [EaterWire]

PIE! - SF Food Wars has opened the call for sweet pies to faceoff in its second "Pie or Die" competition to take place June 12. Pie lovers may also wish to attend and vote on the contenders. More info here. [EaterWire]

Palmyra. [Photo: Tablehopper]