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Week in Reviews

Ragazza%20Reviewed.jpgHere comes the Mike B. review of Ragazza, eight whole months after she first fired up the grill in NoPa. Now we all know Mikey bestowed a rare and unexpected three on owner Sharon Ardiana's other pizza joint, Gialina; so direct comparisons are in order: "the toppings are different from those at Gialina, but they're just as creative." It goes on: "But Ragazza is far from a one-note restaurant; in fact, I can imagine forgoing the pizza altogether." The cannoli is "superb," and the snooty waitress of yore didn't surface. So all's swell in the Baueriverse and Ragazza gets a three star sticker too. [Chron]


311 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, CA 94117 415 255 1133 Visit Website

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