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Make 4505 Burgers at Home, Outerlands Cocktails, More!

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Remember this pretty face?.
Remember this pretty face?.
Photo: Hamblogger

BURGER WEEK - Now you can have the ingredients for 4505 Meats' Best Burger in the Bay Area all wrapped up in one tidy package. Details are here, but basically it's raw beef, buns, cheese, toppings and secret sauce so you can make these bad boys at home for family and friends. Now you just need to decide if you reveal your sources. [EaterWire]

BOOZE NEWS - Outerlands' aforementioned cocktail menu will begin to roll out this evening. Co-owner David Muller, who used to be a bartender, will shake up two to four classic cocktail riffs made with seasonal and housemade ingredients. No vodka. [Tablehopper]

HAYES VALLEY - More has come to light on the changes at Place Pigalle on Hayes. UrbanDaddy finds out, they now have small-batch wines on tap and Charlie Hallowell of Pizzaiolo is devising a bar bite menu for them. Hey, a little name dropping never hurts. [UrbanDaddy]

NOW OPEN - Tajine Moroccan restaurant has been all over the place these past few years. And now owner Mohamed Ghaleb has settled into the old Indian Aroma on Polk Street, with a slightly larger menu, to boot. Early opinions go here . [Tablehopper]

WTF?S - Raccoon on a stick. Discuss. [Merc]

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