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Chantal Guillon Macarons Are Organic, Paulette's Were Not

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You may have heard Hayes Valley's Paulette macaron shop is closed for renovations right now. Owner Chantal Guillon was under a franchise agreement with the Beverly Hills-based chain. But she's decided to move on without them, redo the shop's interior and change the recipes to include all-organic ingredients. When the shop reopens, it will be called, appropriately, Chantal Guillon. Since Paulette's little gems were shipped in daily from Beverly Hills, this may be quite the tasty upgrade. Although we don't yet know where Chantal's macarons will be crafted. So Miette and La Boulange are now holding down the Hayes Valley macaron fort as best they can. And, down south, Paulette has had a little trademarking SNAFU and name switch of its own. So much macaron drama.

· Paulette Macarons Morphs Into Chantal Guillon [The Feast]


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