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The Independent Owner Opens Brick & Mortar Music Hall

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On Monday we got word that Crimson Kitchen Indian cooking school and event caterer would start serving food at the new Brick and Mortar Music Hall in the Mission. This led us to the larger story that the Coda supper club, which shuttered in December, has been replaced. As it turns out Michael O’Connor, one of The Independent's owners, took over the space soon after the closure last year in partnership with former Coda owner Bruce Hansen. Since early April, they've been in sort of a soft launch phase with Brick and Mortar Musica Hall. O'Connor has been booking "all kinds of music," from local soul to underground hip hop. The new website will tell you what's on tap this weekend. The owners rebuilt the stage last week to make it higher and a bit larger, but that's all that's planned by way of an interior redo.

The food component comes next. O'Connor is talking to "some of his favorite chefs" to see if they'll do casual bar food for the venture. When the new food program is in place, it won't be a reservation deal as it was before. And then they'll do the big grand opening. In the meantime, stop in Thursday through Saturday from 5 p.m. to midnight for Crimson Kitchen's Bombay-inspired snacks like marinated paneer, chicken tikka and masala papadums; all for under $9. We hear the food is "pretty darn good," but your opinion always matters in the comments.

· Coda Has Reopened as the Brick & Mortar Music Hall"> [Tablehopper]

Brick and Mortar Music Hall

1710 Mission St., San Francisco, CA