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Doggie Diner Demolish, Saison Moving, Mission Egyptian Food

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OCEAN BEACH - The Doggie Diner is a (Dog)goner. If nobody stops the proceedings by July 8, the place will be demolished and turned into a Walmart. JK relax, it'll just be a Sloat Garden store. The original Doggie Diner heads are, of course, safe and sound in their permanent home at Sloat and 45th Avenue. [Ocean Beach Bulletin]

MISSION - Grub Street reports that Saison is going... somewhere? The point is, they're no longer pop-up material, and need a much larger space to do their thang. They'd prefer a space in the Financial District or Jackson Square so if you're looking to rent out your hot empty restaurant in that location, holler. [GrubStreet]

MISSION - Also via GrubStreet, two restaurants coming to the Mission in the near future, including one that's been waiting for a permit for EIGHT YEARS. Hot damn! I can't think of anything that I've wanted for eight years straight. Impressive. The other is an Egyptian-Turkish-Greece restaurant (?) called, Cyan. And with that, Cyan-ora, suckas! Have a great weekend! [GrubStreet]


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Doggie Diner

2750 Sloat Boulevard, San Francisco, CA

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