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SuperDuper's Super Long Lines, Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe Doesn't

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1) FiDi: SuperDuper debuted on Thursday, and as we predicted, and Inside Scoop confirmed, the lines were outta control. Any of you brave it? Thoughts? Leave 'em in the comments! [EaterWire, ISSF]

2) Castro: As we previously reported, Gingerfruit opened on Wednesday. It boasts pan-Asian tapas with a slight Mediterranean flair, a full bar with happy hour, and the fact that it's not named Pudong. [EaterWire]

3) Oakland: Rudy's Can't Fail Cafe's second location next to the Fox Theater on Monday. Like its other location in Emeryville, expect veggie burgers, indifferent service, and decapitated Barbie dolls. Oh, and there's a private booth and secret entrance into the Fox for celebrities. Ugh, like they don't already get enough cool shit, like tons of money and also, lots of money. [ISSF]


721 Market Street, San Francisco, CA

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