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Bauer's French Fries Never Arrive at L'Appart, Unterman Finally Drives By Some Food Trucks

Even though Unterman's been slow to warm up to the food truck scene, she's finally accepted that it isn't going anywhere, and she better just deal with it. This week she walks the streets to bring us her favorite street cuisine. What she finds is the best of the biggest trucks, and there aren't many surprises. She's feeling Chairman Bao, Curry Up Now, and a few other places, including Little Green Cyclo Vietnamese truck, which serves up this stuff called Icy Fruit. Made with ice, coconut milk, jack fruit and lichee, that shiz sounds straight delicious.

And over at the Chron, Big Money B heads out of the city to hit up Bruno Denis and Olivier Souvestre's L'Appart Resto in San Anselmo, the sister restaurant to Le Garage in Sausalito. The restaurant recently had a make under, and so although the food is still a bit uneven, at least it's cheaper now. Chef Alexandre de Jesus is experimenting, and sometimes he can jump the gun or blow his wad on things like watermelon salads in early June. The service was also a little rocky, with some one dish of French fries just never arriving. Sorry, but if we were waiting for French fries that never came, we'd stil be waiting, ya dig? Anyway, he says he thinks L'Appart will come into its own by summer, when it's time to sit on their beautiful patio and sip fancy cocktails. Overall: 2 stars.

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