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Cupola, Fusing Pizza & Fashion in the Westfield

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The Westfield mall's freedom from Neapolitan pizza ends with the opening of Cupola, the sexy looking number you see here, designed by Cass Calder Smith. Remember this new prima donna arrives complete with that communal table "runway" and Stefano Ferrara pizza oven we teased in January. Making this one to watch (at least as far as Bauer's concerned), there's some nice pedigree in the kitchen and it's a Lark Creek Restaurant Group venture. You can basically read the whole press release and find a menu here online. Since the joint officially opened for lunch today, it's time for your early opinions over at Eater HQ. Do drop us a line.

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Cupola Pizzeria

845 Market Street 4th Floor Suite 400, San Francisco, CA 94103

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