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Alice Waters on Veg "Aliveness," Yelling and Screaming

In case you've missed Alice Waters' warbly voice of late, here's a new bit of propaganda from the Chez Panisse people. The video basically reiterates much that's already widely known—like the fact that Alice doesn't really do much of the cooking anymore at Chez Panisse. But we do get to see inside the kitchen and hear executive chef Jean-Pierre Moulle's Frenchly accented line about how the public is "happy to have whatever we serve." Then there are some classic Alice moments where she whispers sweet nothings about vegetables' "aliveness" and snapshots of her early days as a Berkeley hippie. Finally, did you know the Chez kitchen is nothing like a noisy, tension-filled reality TV show restaurant? As Alice puts it, "who likes yelling and screaming?"

Chez Panisse

1517 Shattuck Avenue, , CA 94709 (510) 548-5525 Visit Website

Chez Panisse

1517 Shattuck Avenue, Berkeley, CA