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Ken Ken Ramen Chef Joins Mojo For Fusion Dinners

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Mojo Bicycle Cafe has served food by Slow Club's James LaLonde for a few ridiculously cheap supper clubs over the past year. Now Eater receives word LaLonde will be teaming up with Ryoji Kajikawa of Ken Ken Ramen for something totally new. More a solo effort for Kajikawa than a Ken Ken Ramen pop-up, the idea is to serve Japanese-style Italian and French food...eventually. For the inaugural dinner this Friday, the menu will stick to Asian fare: a plate of pickled vegetables, spicy Tom Kha soup, a rice bowl with confit chicken and a slow-poached egg and a matcha green tea pudding.

Everything will cost under $12. Kajikawa—who worked at Blowfish and Rocketfish before taking a full time gig at Ken Ken—says he plans to do more fusion cooking for future dinners. He's exploring menu options right now. So maybe there's some marinara-laquered udon in your future. Really, who knows? Call here for reservations.

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Ken Ken Ramen

3378 18th Street, San Francisco, CA 94110 415 967 2636

Mojo Bicycle Cafe

639-A Divisadero St., San Francisco, CA