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Sanguchon Peruvian Food Truck Debuts, Underground Night Market Gets Cut Off, Michelle Obama Eats in SF and More

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Photo: Naseema Khan

FOOD TRUCKS - Carlos Altamirano, who's fare some have grown to appreciate at Piqueo's and Mochica, will be launching his Sanguchon Peruvian food truck tomorrow at Off the Grid in the Upper Haight. His people have passed on the quite-lengthy-for-a-food-truck menu,chock-a-block with sandwiches, sides and the expected food truck cultural hybrid: Peruvian wraps. Here's the Facebook and the Twitter to tell you more about the hours and other locations. [EaterWire]

THE SHUTTER - The Department of Public Health issued a cease-and-desist order to Iso Rabins at this past Saturday's ForageSF Underground Night Market. As many of you are well aware, the market's popularity has skyrocketed to gain national attention since it held the first night market in January. Rabins responded to the city DPH's original concerns by making the event a members-only affair, but now the state is cracking down on him. Rabins is currently working on a solution with the powers that be. [SFoodie]

FIRST LADY - It has come to Eater's attention that Mrs. Michelle Obama ate bison carpaccio and chicken roulades made by Credo chef Gustavo Romero Veytia at an event hosted at the Julia Morgan Ballroom last night. Reportedly, Veytia even made a special order of tamales for her, because Michelle likes tamales. Use that information wisely. [EaterWire]

FOR SALE - The Tonga Room preservation saga has gone on and on and on and on over the past few years. And now the tiki sanctuary and parent The Fairmont Hotel have, at last, been put on the market. A change of hands probably isn't far off. [Chron]

THE WHARF - For those of you planning a trip to tourist-central at the Wharf sometime soon (Father's Day, perhaps?), take note that Bistro Boudin has added five new menu items that maneuver its signature sourdough in unusual ways. There is sourdough crust chicken pot pie and sourdough gnocchi al pesto with lobster, for example. [EaterWire]

Sanguchon Food Truck

Stanyan at Waller, san Francisco, CA