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Slurp Champ Downs 105 Oysters at Woodhouse Fish Co.

A man walked into Woodhouse Fish Co. on Market St. yesterday and, a few hours later, left a champion. Bionic oyster eater, Andrew Badr beat the reigning champ at Woodhouse by downing 105 bivalves in one sitting. The last title holder held a record of 101 consumed oysters. Chanting "plaque or puke" between slurps, Badr had a clear goal in mind: to have his name immortalized on a highly visible plaque on Woodhouse's wall.

Badr recounts:

"The first dozen went by quickly, then I started to slow down and feel worse. The 60-72 dozen was by far the hardest. I was dizzy and kind of out of it. Then I realized I needed to drink water, and that made it easier. I found a good, comfortable rhythm for the last 30 (to hit 102 and break the record). The last three were just a bonus. After 105, I felt like I could have eaten more, but I had nothing left to prove. And I was pretty sick of oysters. [Co-owner] Tyler [McNiven] announced my victory to the restaurant, and I walked out feeling like a champion." Potential oyster record challengers, be advised: Tuesday is dollar oyster day at Woodhouse. It remains the best day to compete, as it is half as expensive.

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