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El Paseo Chefs Take Le Club, Pica Pica Opens For Breakfast, More!

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SNOB HILL - Le Club went through Le Shutter back in May. And now it looks like the former El Paseo husband-and-wife chef team of Seigo Takei and Keiko Takahashi will be moving in. The restaurant will serve a kaiseki menu with French inflections and they're thinking they may call it Keiko à Nob Hill. [ISSF]

THE MISSION/NAPA - This Saturday, both Pica Pica locations will start serving breakfast arepas with various fillings like scrambled eggs, cheese and chicharron. For hours and addresses, go here. [EaterWire]

THE UNDERGROUND - A Copenhagan-based supper club is partnering up with GraffEats and Ruby Cocktail Bar to throw this "guerilla" dinner in an undisclosed "elite" high school library. That is all. [EaterWire]

HAYES VALLEY - Absinthe chef Adam Keough has put the classic coq au vin recipe back on the menu as of tonight. His version uses morels, English peas and favas instead of the usual veg. [EaterWire]

ICE CREAM WIRE - In this dot429 vignette, Humphry Slocombe owners Sean Vahey and Jake Godby reveal the story behind their curious business name: "Vahey cites the yin and yang nature of his and Godby’s personalities as a key to their success. 'He’s quiet, I’m outspoken. He’s reserved, I’m forthcoming. But we both grew up watching the old British sitcom Are You Being Served?' That show’s lead characters, Mr. Humphries and Mrs. Slocombe, inspired the name for their now-famous ice cream store." [Dot429]

Inside Le Club, now closed. [Photo: msglaze]

Keiko à Nob Hill

1250 Jones St., San Francisco, CA

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