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The Great Cocktail Race

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Cocktail.jpgMission Loc@l calls attention to all the new restaurants hoping to open in the Mission with cocktails, despite the moratorium on new liquor licenses. In addition to Dylan MacNiven's Mohave to go before the Planning Commission today, there's Amber Dara, Tacolicious and The Chapel, the Cajun-themed restaurant attached to forthcoming music venue, Preservation Hall. Dosa will be ready to go with its new cocktail program later this month. Limon is trying to get licensed. And let's not forget the Tonic/Bullitt team, who may or may not have purchased Bissap Baobab's old license for $250,000 so they can serve all the booze they want at new Mission St. bar/restaurant Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem. [Mission Loc@l]


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