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Reza Esmaili Drops Long Bar Revamp Plans

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Long Bar manager Reza Esmaili shares the early morning news that he will not reopen the Fillmore St. haunt he took over about a year ago. As many of you know—and may have been anticipating—Esmaili expressed grand plans to refurbish the tired interior and a food do-over with the help of Erik Hopfinger was already in motion. Now you can be sure the joint won't reopen with a new identity as planned.

"It is with mixed emotion that I share the end of my professional relationship with the restaurant formerly known as Long Bar. The fate of that location remains uncertain. During the last ten months, I was proud of the progress made towards serving good food and beverage at a great value...I seek a better life/work balance and considering options. [sic]"

Esmaili's plan is to launch a hospitality consulting and special event service called Ananas. 2298 Fillmore is officially on the market.

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Long Bar & Bistro

2298 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA

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