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78-Year-Old John Walker Closes In Hopes Of A Shape-Up

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San Francisco's oldest liquor and wine store, John Walker & Co. appears to be in danger. The message above would lead one to believe they are making an effort to come back, however, the shop was shuttered up for several weeks before this sign was posted. And one can never be sure in these situations.

Now, a history lesson: John Walker opened his shop with several partners in 1933. During the Prohibition Era, it became a major supplier to all the speakeasies around town. Walker's nephew took over in the fifties, and the shop has continued on in his name for decades. Needless to say, the loss of such a fixture holds weight on several levels. Find more on the legacy of John Walker right here on the website. Lines are out to the powers that be as to what's going on here. Insiders are encouraged to email HQ or drop tips in the comments section.