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Mateo Granados Finalizes Yucatecan Restaurant Plans

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Back in April, local Yucatecan chef Mateo Granados signed a lease for a place on the plaza in Healdsburg. Granados, who has worked at such esteemed restaurants as Masa's and Charlie Palmer's Dry Creek Kitchen, may be best known for Tendejón de la Calle, the roving Yucatecan restaurant he's been operating all over Sonoma for over a year now. Building off this momentum, Granados plans to infuse the recipes of his homeland with Sonoma's local bounty at his future restaurant. It actually mirrors the style of what St. Helena's forthcoming La Condesa will be doing. Signore Lucchesi has more on the nitty gritty of the menu. Today we hear from Granados' people, that he's finalizing the name and logo over the next week.

There have been rumors that the place would be called Mateo's Handcraft, but we're told "with certainty" that's not going to be the case. Look out for the identity and other developments here, as the late summer opening approaches.

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Mateo Granados. [Photo: Davistoo]


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Future Mateo Granados Restaurant

214 Healdsburg Avenue, Healdsburg, CA