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Off The Grid's 1st Theme Party: "Hot Food, Cold Nights"

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As seen at Off the Grid in the Mission.
As seen at Off the Grid in the Mission.
Photo: The Bold Italic

As SF's concerted shock at the summer cold persists for yet another year, Off the Grid's Matt Cohen has decided to do something about it. Or at least try. This Saturday, the Mission's McCoppin Hub will see "Hot Food/Cold Nights," Off the Grid's first "theme night" from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. The vendors: Senor Sisig, Chaac Mool, TomKat, Toasty Melts and Little Green Cyclo will each offer something hot—like spicy hot, not necessarily temperature hot—to fend off the nighttime chill.

"The idea incorporate some of the more interesting concepts and skills of vendors that they don't have an opportunity to showcase day to day," says Cohen. Instead of the usual show-up-and-pay-for-what-you-want format, participants need to buy a $35 ticket ($30, pre-sale), allowing a bite from each of the five trucks. This is also the first limited edition Off the Grid party that's been thrown to date, as only 100 tickets are being released. See the list of each vendor's "incendiary items" and buy tickets here.

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Off the Grid, McCoppin

McCoppin Street and Valencia Street, San Francisco, CA