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The Latest in Kasa's Kati Roller: SNAFU and Small Delay

A little update is in order on the Kasa Kati Roller food truck front. As it turns out, nabbing six spots in the FiDi wasn't quite as easy as the owners may have expected. The Department of Public Works will issue a decision within 30 days based on the evidence presented from both sides at yesterday's meeting.

Quoth owner Tim Volkema, "We felt that we presented a very strong case for the spots we're pursuing, and we dropped two spots where we felt the opposition had legitimate concerns. The DPW's decision can be appealed by either side, so then it would go to one final appeals hearing." In brighter news, the Kati Roller's plans to break out at Off the Grid will move forward asap. Although Vokema says it's probably going to happen the week of July 11th now. Stay tuned, please. And there's always Twitter too.

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