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Reidinger Digs North Beach's Mexican Restaurant, Kauffman Eats Airport Food 2.0 at SFO's Terminal 2, More!

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Don Pistos
Don Pistos

This week, Reidinger discovers Don Pistos, a restaurant Bauer should definitely stay far, far, far, very far away from. However, the noise at this Mexican food in North Beach (buh wuh?!) hole in the wall doesn't get Reidinger down. In fact, he turns it into a hilarious little read,"If you've ever stood near the end of a runway as a fully loaded 747 roared into the sky over your head, you'll have some idea of the decibels, which reach such levels as to become a fourth dimension. I was deafened. Maybe that was a mercy." That's a nice bit of writing, isn't it? Okay, enough with the making out, after Reidinger got past the noise, he really loved the service and food, saying that even though the kitchen is small, it is mighty. In fact, he describes the homestyle Mexican food as, "both electrifyingly good and reasonably priced." Viva Mexico en Italia! [SFBG]

Kauffman hits SFO's revamped Terminal 2 to review all their fancified cuisine, and is fairly impressed. This ain't your grandma's Continental, knowwhati'msayin'? Despite strong showings from Lark Creek Grill, Wakaba Sushi & Noodle, and Burger Joint, there were unfortunately a few disappointments that remind him of airplane food. Still, we're excited to fly out of T2, the Terminal of the Future, because our airline of choice (that we were forced to fly because blogging still pays in groats), you don't even get free water anymore, and that's not a joke. That is real life. [SFoodie]

Carey Sweet visits Vis a Vis in Greenbrae and says even thought the menu features items as diverse as, "oysters St. Jacques dressed in shiitake shallot cream and Gruyere panko gratinee ($12); and nearby office workers who stop in for a tuna melt ($12.50)," the kitchen actually pulls it off. Impressive. She calls several dishes "startlingly good," although she finds some the exposed kitchen a little jarring. You know, the whole thing about not wanting to see the sausage made and etc. Overall? 2 stars! Congrats, Greenbrae! [SF Gate]

Don Pistos

510 Union Street San Francisco, CA

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