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Azul Out, Hops and Hominy In

 Packed Azul
Packed Azul

We have early word that Union Square's Azul Lounge is closing and Hops and Hominy, a new Southeastern inspired restaurant, is taking its place. From their website, "We aim to bring a little Southern flare to the West while featuring a variety of sustainable and organic goods." Alright! We know for sure that they'll be serving alcohol because they're getting Azul's cancelled liquor license. Good thing they did because it looks like they'll have American micro-beers on draft, local wines, and spirits. Fantastic. We're not even actually very familiar with Southeastern food? Alligator? We wonder if they can make a vegetarian version of that?

Anyway, they're slated for a Fall 2011 opening, and we'll keep you updated with details as we get them. Unless perhaps, you have more? Also, we have calls into Azul and as soon as we know whether it's closing for good or just movin' (on up?), we'll pass it on. After all, we know you need your bottle service. [EaterWire]

Hops & Hominy

1 Tillman Place, San Francisco, CA 94108

Hops and Hominy

1 Tillman Place San Francisco, CA