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Pearl's Readies For Market St., Specchio Cocktails, More

THE ABC'S - The Pearl's Deluxe coming to Market Street just applied for a beer and wine license; so that's getting closer. Instead of Mama's Burgers, the "classy" joint coming to the Upper Haight at Clayton is going to be called Burger Urge. [City Insider, EaterWire]

THE ABC'S EXTRA - Today the San Francisco office of the California ABC will start taking applications for new liquor licenses in person again. They're also staffing up in the hopes that they can bump the weekly average of applications processed from four to 15. Don't hold your breath. [ISSF]

THE MISSION - As of today, Specchio on Mission St. is ready to go with its new cocktail menu, featuring such novelty items as a rosemary mojito, blood orange negroni and a margarita made with limoncello. [EaterWire]

OFF THE GRID - Everyone's favorite food truck phenom is soft-launching a San Mateo edition tonight from 5 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the parking area between First and Baldwin Avenues. Hapa SF, 3-Sum Eats, Chairman Bao, Curry Up Now, Whisk on Wheel and Pacific Puffs will all be there to kick things off. [EaterWire]

HELP JAPAN - Tomorrow La Mar is hosting Kinoshita Sake Brewery for a special artisanal sake and Peruvian bite tasting event. Tickets are $40 advance and you can buy them here. [EaterWire]

ANNIVERSARIES - The Elite Cafe is celebrating its 30th Anniversary on Fillmore Street his Thursday. They're going to offer a special $30 prix fixe menu including thier Meetinghouse biscuits, "Shrimp Johnnycakes" and other things people love. They'll also unveil a new set of wooden booths for parties of two at the back of the restaurant. [EaterWire]

La Mar

La Mar, Barrios Altos, Gobierno Regional de Lima

Pearl's Deluxe Burger

1001 Market Street, San Francisco, CA