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Week in Reviews

PiccinoReview.jpgRight on time, Bauerissimo releases his review of the new Piccino, admitting he likes it so much he wants to move to the Dogpatch. On top of two big Bauer check marks: "thin, crisp" pizza...a must-order item" and a "relatively quiet" space, there's this big compliment: "The space captures the spirit of the emerging neighborhood the way Nopa did a few years ago." Then service is "wonderfully friendly and welcoming," "salads are as pristine as the [pizza] toppings;" and "Piccino is much more than a pizzeria." It gets three stars, just like other recently reviewed pizza-centric restaurant, Ragazza. [Chron]

Piccino Cafe

1001 Minnesota St., San Francisco, CA 94107 415-824-4224