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What We Know About Burger Urge, Headed Haight-ward

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1599 Haight St., as it stands today, 7/15/2011.
1599 Haight St., as it stands today, 7/15/2011.

Although building owner Sam Sirhed would like to remain mum about the "classy" burger concept he's bringing to Haight St., this we know: 1) The name on the pending liquor license is Burger Urge. 2) Bi-Rite owner Sam Mogannam's cousin Jack Mogannam will be a managing partner. [Sidenote: Sam and Bi-Rite are not involved.] 3) Sirhed says the concept is still far out, like five or six months. 4) The interior build-out has begun.

Calls are out to the powers that be. In the meantime, a message to the burger niche in the Upper Haight: prepare to be filled.

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Burger Urge

1599 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA