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More on Burger Urge, Opening This Fall on Haight St.

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On Friday, a little something came out about Burger Urge, the new burger-centric joint currently getting it together for a late October opening on Haight St. Today, future Assistant GM Jacquie Hanns shares some fun details about the menu and concept. To begin with, it'll be a self-serve affair, just like Blue Front Cafe, Squat and Gobble, Asqew Grill, Crepe Express and many of the other eateries in the Upper Haight. The menu will center around ten or so signature burgers: "some crazy ones" and the option to build your own. Beef patties will be hand-formed from Niman Ranch meat— the same purveyor preferred by potential local competitors Magnolia Pub and Burgermeister. [See note at bottom re: burger meat] Burger Urge will also have turkey burgers and probably a special in-house veggie burger too. Hanns says the concept will also encompass sandwiches, soups, salads, beer and wine and weekend brunch.

Apparently, co-owner Sam Sirhed is working on outdoor seating. The decor will seat 75 or so in an "earthy and modern" ambiance, bringing the first indoor fireplace to the Haight. (If you know of another one, do tell.) As far as Jack Mogannam's involvement goes, Hanns says he'll serve as more of a silent partner. Jack spends most of his time holding down the fort at his Union Square business, Gallery Wines. That's not going to change. [CORRECTION: Magnolia Pub owner Dave McLean writes in with a correction about the burger meat: "We have been using Prather Ranch beef for our burgers for 3-4 years now, not Niman...We enjoyed our 10+ year run with Niman but made the switch to something more local and also organic."

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138 Church Street, San Francisco, CA 94114 415 437 2874

Burger Urge

1599 Haight Street, San Francisco, CA