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Coi Restricts Schedule, Makes Moves in the Kitchen

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Daniel Patterson has announced that his Michelin two-starred Coi is now only serving dinner four days a week: Wednesday through Saturday. The restaurant, which opened in 2006, received its second Michelin star in 2009 and continues to hold down the tier locally with Cyrus and Manresa. This schedule shift, paired with Coi's recent lounge removal and D-Patt's build out of an Oakland food lab at an undisclosed location, make it quite clear he's shooting for the next level.

As Inside Scoop reports, the schedule change will allow for more “creativity, research and technical refinement." In a world where El Bulli takes off two years for research, more time for development—and less for actually serving meals and cooking on the line—makes sense. The elephant in the room through all this remains that third Michelin star, something D-Patt surely wouldn't turn down—especially since The Restaurant at Meadowood joined the ranks of The French Laundry at the three star level this year. Yes, despite financial woes, Michelin still matters very much to a lot of people and a lot of chefs too, for that matter.

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