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Department of Health Shuts Hukilau, More

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1) NOPA: The Department of Health closed down Hukilau for health hazards yesterday. One of the few bearers of Hawaiian fare in SF, Hukilau has been known to throw a good old fashioned spam musubi eating contest from time to time. Now its on the chopping block for food contamination, disease transmission and vermin infestation. The contents of a note posted on Hukilau's door dodges the issue—understandable, one might say—and makes it look like they'll try to come back: "Due to unforseen circumstances, Hukilau is temporarily closed. We apologize for the invonvenience. Mahalo, The Hukilau Staff." [EaterWire]

2) Hayes Valley: The valey parking pro-owned Ristorante Allegro has closed on Gough after over a year in business. That's a fine piece of real estate for anyone looking. [ISSF]

3) FiDi: The Mediterranean "interactive dining experience" that was Petrino has closed up shop at Pine and Kearny. [Tablehopper]

4) Palo Alto: Andronico's will close its doors on July 24th. According to a spokesperson: "The 'rough decision' to close the Palo Alto location came as the family-owned business works through a recapitalization with an unnamed equity partner." [PAO]

5) Windsor: Bistro M posted a note about a temporary closure on its door last week, and some people think they're not be coming back. As always, your kind tips go here . [BCE]

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Ristorante Allegro

409 Gough Street, San Francisco, California


5 Masonic Ave., San Francisco, CA