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Hukilau Reopens, "Infestation" Apparently Now Not a Problem

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After Hukilau was shuttered on Tuesday for "food contamination, disease transmission and vermin infestation," owner Eric Tao wrote in saying, "The restaurant is being shut solely because it is illegal to operate without hot-water. [sic]" Health Inspector Ryan Clausnitzer later confirmed to Eater that the restaurant didn't have hot water, which falls under the "disease transmission" category because employees can't wash hands. After Hukilau repaired its water heater, Clausnitzer reopened the restaurant in time for lunch yesterday. Now Hukilau will enjoy a probation period and they'll have to attend one of the Department's weekly abatement conferences, that is all.

But what of the other stated infringements on the DOH's posted sign? (shown above) "Well they were all issues," says Clausnitzer, "But the real reason for closure was disease transmission. I probably should have circled that on the form. The other reasons weren't severe enough for closure, but it was sort of all of them." This should shed a little light on the mysterious inner workings of the Department of Public Health. Loco moco, anyone?

· Department of Health Shutters Hukilau [~ ESF ~]


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