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Rosa Mexicano Coming to San Francisco's One Market

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Rosa Mexicano in LA.
Rosa Mexicano in LA.
Photo: lalive

NY Mexican restaurant heavyweight Rosa Mexicano has signed a lease to enter the One Market building in San Francisco. Supposedly, the design will mirror Rosa Mexicano's newer LA outpost—the one Jonathan Gold called "an insult to LA." It should be noted that Rosa Mexicano makes waves on the Mexi scene in New York and is certainly one big step up from Chevy's as far as Mexican chains go. Obviously, the genre is an entirely different ball game in San Francisco. For what it's worth, from the critic standpoint, the chain's new Miami outpost had a warmer reception than the one in LA. They're also planning to open more locations in LA, DC and Minneapolis in the next year. Rosa Mexicano should debut in SF during the first half of 2012.

· Rosa Mexicano is coming to San Francisco [ISSF]

Rosa Mexicano

30 Mission Street, , CA 94105 (415) 874-4300 Visit Website

Rosa Mexicano

300 Mission Street, San Francisco, CA

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