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Avedano's Meat Wagon and Suppenküche Biergarten, Soon

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Photo: Flickr/Envelope A + D

The Proxy website went live earlier this week and so did news that Bernal Height's butcher shop Avedano's will be bringing a meat-focused mobile market to the playing field over there. Much bigger than the average food truck, Avedano's wheels are a former ambulance truck, painted bright red. In an effort to redefine what food trucks are all about, co-owner Melanie Eisemann plans to sell pre-packaged meats, produce, and fish on Friday—all items firmly falling in the local, sustainable, organic category. "The medical industry term for an ambulance is a meat wagon," says Eisemann. "So it's a meat wagon repurposed as a meat wagon!" Pending City approvals, she hopes it'll be up-and-running behind the Smitten ice cream and Ritual Coffee containers within two weeks. You can check Proxy's Twitter feed for updates.

Meanwhile food trucks are scrambling to be part of the lineup Off the Grid founder Matt Cohen is quietly putting together for the vacant space where Pizzeria Delfina and 4505 Meats were originally supposed to go. This week, he's had at least one truck out there during the lunch and dinner hours, sometimes two. Let's be Frank, Liba's Falafel, Sanguchon and Eat Curbside are slated to make appearances this weekend. Again Off the Grid's Facebook and Proxy's Twitter are the best up-to-the minute resources here. Do note, this food truck arrangement is only temporary, and will go month-to-month in October. The eventual plan, as you know, is to get more of those shipping containers up and running.

In other Proxy news, the ground work is done for Biergarten, the totally al fresco project coming from the Suppenküche folks. "It's like a full-service restaurant with the roof ripped off," says owner Aaron Hulme. They'll serve a menu of Biergarten fare like small sausage plates, pretzel sandwiches and salads with rotisserie items and whole animals down the road. Hulme plans to have six constantly rotating taps and maybe even specialty beers that aren't at Suppenküche. The container will be shipped in the first week of August and—fingers crossed—some sort of soft-opening activity may commence around August 8.

Envelope A +D project manager Lizzie Wallack says plans are also still in motion to get a "rotating chef container" up and running eventually. This would house the aforementioned pop-up series. The original idea has been amended a bit though. Now the venue will be built in a larger double container. "We've had so many request from people who want the space," says Wallack.

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