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The Mysterious Case of the Raw Steaks At Lazy Bear Supperclub, Which Doesn't Serve Steaks

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 At table with Lazy Bear.
At table with Lazy Bear.
Photo: eatfoo

The man behind Lazy Bear Supperclub, David Barzelay sends a recent scam attempt over the EaterWire. In the following note, one Tim Dearson sends in complaints of undercooked steaks, a waiter that went off-duty halfway through service and other other elements of a "horrid" business-casual dinner he had "a little over a week ago." To begin with, Lazy Bear serves roving underground dinners that could hardly be described as "business casual." Also: they don't serve steaks; meals are paired with wine, not "drinks;" his servers don't go "off-duty;" and he didn't hold a dinner a little over a week ago. The note is a very concerted and very misplaced attempt to nab some freebies from an unsuspecting restaurant. To the managers and restaurateurs out there: have fraud attempts like this crossed your desk? Do you know Tim Dearson? Take a look at the full note after the hop, and please do share your stories with the class in the comments section.

Hello. I was at your dining experience location a little over a week ago visiting with my girlfriend and some of her friends. I have used this place in the past for friends, family and other business casual evenings and was nothing but impressed. This was a horrid experience. To start, we had received the wrong drinks, which wasn't a big deal, but a good indication of how things were going to go that night. As our plates got brought in, all the steaks, asked to be well done, were undercooked. Sure that made 2, but it was enough. To boot, I had asked for an exchange from another waiter after waiting patiently for 15 minutes to wait another 15 minutes to realize my waiter had gone off duty without any mention of it to us, and we had to have another server, clueless of our meals and what had happened, after to explain it to. The wait was 30 minutes in total and we didn't even get an apology. To make matters worse, the toilets weren't in a very good manner either and looked as if they hadn't been gutted and cleaned for a while. At least that went for the men's bathroom. I didn't bother about it as a conversation piece to see if the ladies had the same issue. That was and is my complaint of the evening. Totally uncalled for service, and had wasted more of my time than I had wanted getting what I wanted. I'd like someone to address my issue in a timely concern. Thank you for your time.

Tim Dearson

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