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Get The Eater Newsletter, Win One-Way Tickets To Sexytime

SF Chefs is upon us, and this year Eater SF will co-present one of the week's steamiest affairs. Anolon Date Night Dinner: Seduction in Three Courses brings Eater's Hottest Chef in America David Bazirgan of Fifth Floor and Hottest Chef contestant Mourad Lahlou of Aziza together in one room. Pastry chef Marisa Churchill—who's just like her book: Sweet & Skinny—will also be there, along with uber-hot Food Network starlet Aida Mollenkamp to emcee. Why, oh why, do we torture you with the unparalleled grooviness of this affair? Because you could win tickets, Eater friend! We're giving away 3 sets of two tickets with a secret code in today's newsletter. Existing subscribers, keep your eyes on those inboxes. If you haven't joined the cool newsletter party yet, all you need to do place your email address in the box below and our thrilling daily wallop of food newsy goodness is yours for the reading. It's go time:

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