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Richard Reddington's Next Move is Pizza

Photo: Partially from MarcoNews, Yelp,

As the old adage goes, if life gives you a struggling restaurant, make pizza. The powers that be at the Hotel Luca's now out-of-business Cantinetta Piero restaurant will do just that. And they've hired a Michelin-starred chef to do it. As rumored, the esteemed Richard Reddington will indeed be running the show at the new concept here: a 90-seat "Napa Valley pizzeria." It doesn't have a name yet, but the idea seems fairly dialed in: sidewalk tables, lower prices, a burger, salads and—the headliner—thin-crust pizza. Reddington is currently playing around with the kitchen's fancy wood-burning oven. "I want to pull from that Mediterranean style, but not pound you over the head with it," says Reddington. So "Neapolitan" is probably out.

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TBD pizza restaurant @ Hotel Luca

6774 Washington St., Yountville, CA