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Akai Saru in Noe, Two Sisters Bar & Books on Hayes

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1) Hayes Valley: Now there's more on Two Sisters Bar and Books, coming to the space where Marino once stood on Hayes. From the website: "Two Sisters is a warm, loving space where there is always time to linger over a classic cocktail or a delightful cup of coffee, nosh on a well-crafted dish, and share our love of all things literary." According to 7x7, the "book exchange/bar/cafe" will open in September. [EaterWire, 7x7]

2) Noe Valley: People have been ogling the empty lot at 3856 24th Street since Tamasei Sushi closed in April. The ABC website shows filing for a DBA of Akai Saru run by one Wa Kong. It's all still rather mysterious. [EaterWire]

Two Sisters Bar & Books

579 Hayes Street, San Francisco, CA