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Check Out Dosa's Valencia Revamp, Now With Special Gin

[Photo: Eva Frye]

After a slightly extended closure, Dosa's Valencia Street outpost reopened on Friday with its brand new liquor license, an interior revamp, and a new cocktail menu to go along with it. The bar was rebuilt out of recycled materials and a mother of pearl top. Faux leather wraps the barstools. And new chandeliers made from abalone shells hang from the ceilings. It's all done with a similar green-mindedness to the Fillmore Street outpost's architecture.
Browsing through the new cocktail list, you'll notice several cocktails made with DOSA Blade Gin. The spirit has been made with curry leaves exclusively for Dosa by local producer Blade, and it's only available at the Valencia St. location as of now. Considering the relative dearth of cocktail programs in the Mission right now, hard booze may bring a needed zing to business here on Valencia Street. Making things more attractive, the bar also has new taps for two beers and two wines, and the dinner and brunch menus have been extended and updated. As always, please do unload thoughts and opinions on the new Dosa Valencia in the comments or in the privacy of Eater HQ.

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