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See the U.S. Take Back The World's Largest Burger Record

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Behold, the world's largest commercially available hamburger, weighing in at 777 pounds. The record-breaker was created this Saturday at the 99th annual Alameda County Fair. A crew of 10 men spent 13 hours cooking the burger to the proper 160 degree internal temperature before it was moved by forklift onto its 110 pound bun, then layered with buckets of ketchup and mayo, 13 pounds of lettuce, 20 pounds of onions and 12 pounds of pickles. Bites of the burger sold for 99 cents with proceeds benefitting the Alameda County Community Food Bank. The previous world record was held by a 590 pound Canadian burger that was made by a burger robot. So this marks the glorious return of the World's Largest Burger title to the U.S. Add it to the list of reasons you're proud to be an American, then watch the video after the hop.