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The Early Word On Piccino Cafe In The Dogpatch

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Photo: Eater SF Flickr Pool/Jennifer Yin

Opened in late 2006 in a diminutive corner spot, there's no question Piccino secured a place in the Dogpatch's collective food-loving heart with its simple, pizza-driven menu. Now owners Sher Rogat and Margherita Stewart-Sagan have moved their jewel into a brand new space in a big yellow house around the corner, boasting triple the original seating capacity, more outdoor accommodation, and a pumped up menu with more pizza and pasta selections than ever before. The look? Let's call it streamlined: all cyprus communal tables, modern artwork and light fixtures—a far cry from the unassuming European feel of the original digs. Now since Mr. Michael Bauer shall be reviewing Piccino this Sunday, let's get a jump on things with some snapshots of the public opinions floating around.

The Bauer News: FWIW, Bauer recently gave a shout to their greens: "the frilly greens here look like a grower’s specimen, perfect enough to make Alice Waters weep for joy. They needed more than the pickled shallot vinaigrette, but the plate also contained ribbons of carrots and fennel, and chunky avocado puree on the bottom." He also enjoyed their cucumber salad, which is "lightly pickled, a pleasant contrast to orange segments." Although these words do fall under the umbrella of a week that "wasn't the dining." [ISSF]

The Patio News: Piccino has much more patio space now, but Chowhounder Margieco thinks, "since they've moved around the corner their outdoor spaces aren't as nice as they were before." [Chowhound]

The Bigger is Better News: On the menu expansion, Madame Hopper explains, "while obviously expanded (and say hello to a new fryer!), [it] is still very much Piccino, with an array of salads and vegetables—wait until you try the leek and sorrel fritters, and asparagus salad with a bright mint vinaigrette." Commenting on the larger space, Michelle M. of Yelp adds, "its nice to not feel like someones breathing down your neck as you eat. [sic]" [Tablehopper, Yelp]

The Interior News: The Hop also mentions that the interior feels like it "blend[s] natural modern, arty chic, and warm rusticity," and that she "fell in love with the spoon images by Michael Harvey." [Tablehopper]

The Service News: After a mistaken pizza order, Yelper Jesse M. says his (or her?) server "whisked it away and offered us house-made crackers or a bowl of fancy olives." Thankfully, "aside from the mistaken pizza order, the waitstaff was attentive and generally perfect (although our main server looked like Anthony Perkins, which was a little creepy, but also fun, so, there you go)." [Yelp]

The Dessert News: A Michelin Reviewer got the nectarine crostata and tweeted, "It’s fine but wish I’d chosen the fun sounding affogato w/ pink squirrel ice cream." [@MichelinGuideSF]

The Oops I Crapped My Pants News: As Claudia Y./Yelp so graciously shares, "this is TMI but i got the runs after i ate here.[sic]" [Yelp]

Have a thought or two on the new Piccino? Do drop us a line below or here.

-Eva Frye

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Piccino Cafe

1001 Minnesota St., San Francisco, CA 94107 415-824-4224


1001 Minnesota Street San Francisco, CA 94107