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Italian Stays Italian and Thai Remains Thai

Photo: Eva Frye

MISSION - Il Cantuccio a generally ignored Italian joint within spitting distance of Delfina, is to be replaced by Mozzeria a pizzeria. Because we can never, ever, have enough pizza in this town. It may be a ways off because the blog details the trials and tribulations of buying a pizza oven (and the challenge of getting it in the front door).No word yet from the owners at Mozzeria, but the web site indicates their "dream" was inspired by books like The Secret and Eat. Pray. Love. Ohhkaaay. [EaterWire]

Also from MrEricSir we learn that two blocks away, Bangkok 16 is set to become Krua Thai, with application for liquor license in the window. The very traditional look is now replaced by something much more industrial. Timing? No idea. [EaterWire]

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