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Kosy Kar's Latest Adventures With Yelp...And Burt Reynolds

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Former shitshow contender Kosy Kar's owner Sam Young is up to his old tricks again, putting up this billboard you see here at Sacramento and Polk. Yes, that's Burt Reynolds' famous nude centerfold from Cosmopolitan (c. 1972) superimposed with Young's face and his bar's worst Yelp reviews. "Shockingly mediocre" and "I felt dirty when I left" are some of the keepers. World is, the quoted Yelpers aren't too pleased to see snippets from their reviews emblazoned on a billboard for all to see, even though they posted them on a public website. (Because the internet feels safer, maybe?)

Young says it's been great for business. "People see it and it intrigues them to come in. You either get it or you don't." Now it should be noted that Kosy Kar's current Yelp highlights include "Saturday morning cartoons that were edited with bits of porn" and that special "feeling of being caught in a nightmare version of Spicoli's bedroom." If interested, pay homage to this PhotoShop magic while you can. Young says something "completely different" is going on the billboard in October.

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Kosy Kar

1548 Polk St., San Francisco, CA