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Psycho Donuts Maybe Expanding, 24-Hour Pizza and More

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BANH MI WARS - SF Weekly's Jonathan Kauffman tries the "Westerner-friendly banh mi" at new Richmond Cafe Bunn Mi, which he notes is maybe, possibly a knock off of Pac Heights' similarly themed new joint Bun Mee. Hmm, wonder why? He likes the Bunn Mi fish sandwich better than the one at Bun Mee, but the overall nod goes to the Pac Heights "original." None of the new sandwiches, however, are as good as the banh mi rendition from Little Vietnam Cafe, in the Kauff's estimation. [SF Weekly]

EXPANSION WIRE - Besides learning that Psycho Donuts has recently gone down "more savory paths"—like adding a foie gras mousse filling to one of its donuts—Food GPS unearths the Campbell-based donut vendor's potential expansion plans: "...they’re possibly looking to expand to 'crunchier spots' like Santa Cruz or Berkeley." [Food GPS]

24 HOUR PIZZA WIRE - Chowhound has the latest on the DNA Pizza joint we brought up in March. It's open, and for about 24 hours every day, at that. The website also has some images of the interior and some intermittent daytime pizza discounts. Not too shabby. [Chowhound, EaterWire]

CHEF SHUFFLES - Ms. Hopper has word that Delfina's chef of 8 years, Matthew Gandin has moved on to launch his own "not necessarily Italian" concept. And in other news, Inside Scoop mentions Greenbrae' s Bistro Vis a Vis has brought on former Eos chef Daniel Guerrini to take the menu in a more "immediately approachable" direction. [Tablehopper, ISSF]

THE SHUTTER - Tablehopper also passes on news of Jubili's shutter on Fillmore St. It was pretty good frozen yogurt, but apparently not good enough to compete with the Fraiche outpost down the street. [Tablehopper]

Cafe Bunn Mi on Clement St., not to be confused with Bun Mee on Fillmore. [Photo: Lolia S./Yelp ]

Bun Mee Vietnamese Sandwich Eatery

2015 Fillmore Street, San Francisco, CA 94115 (415) 800-7696


3621 18th Street, , CA 94110 (415) 552-4055 Visit Website

Cafe Bunn Mi

417 Clement St, San Francisco, CA