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Slanted Door Vet Will Bring The Pastry Cupboard To Market

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Early signs for The Pastry Cupboard just went up in the window of Market Street's shuttered Bistro Clovis. It's coming at you from Chona Piumarta. A former executive pastry chef from The Slanted Door and Lark Creek Steak, she started The Pastry Cupboard as a wholesale operation about three years ago. Now her first retail adventure will probably begin the week of August 29th, when this shop here should open for business. The style of cakes, pies, cookies, cookie bars and such illustrated here and here will fill out the pastry case at the get-go. There will be vegan and gluten-free options; croissants, egg-and-pancetta-topped homemade foccaccia and Mr. Espresso drip coffee in the mornings; and some savory items like pasta salads and grilled cheese during lunch.

Hours will be 7 a.m. to 6 p.m. at the start. Eventually, Piumarta hopes to open in the evening to serve the plated desserts she's known for. She's also got her own line of coffee, jams and candy in the works. Now if you walk by on any given day of the week, you'll probably see The Pastry Cupboard's open kitchen, methodically pumping out dough as they ready for opening. With Terra Bakery and La Boulange around the corner and Hayes Valley Bakeworks en route, this particular stretch of SF is about to become a main artery of locally made baked goods. And that's without even mentioning the resilient Miette and our friend Chantall Guillon.

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