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Ed Lee Snubs Mayoral Debate For Lower Haight Pub Crawl

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Just when everyone was expecting Mayor Ed Lee to participate in a heated community Mayoral Debate last night, he pulls a fast one and decides to go on a "Lower Haight pub crawl" instead. According to the Examiner Lee hit Toronado, Mad Dog in the Fog and Naan-n-Curry. He even outwardly admitted it was more fun than a mayoral debate, which, obviously. Skipping the debate—which Lee describes as "simply a forum for candidates to attack each other"—may have been the best thing he's done yet. Besides proving he can do plebey things like drink beer, Lee endeared himself to bartenders with good tips, and was actually able to win new potential supporters simply by "hanging out with people." Naturally, Michela Alioto-Pier is pissed.

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547 Haight St., San Francisco, CA

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