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Forking Fuzio and Pizza comes to Polk Street

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Fuzio [Photo:Flickr/smooshipants]

CASTRO - Gone and already forgotten Fuzio is to be replaced with Fork Cafe. Not sure what kind of cuisine will be offered but glad they have the utensil thing figured out. [EaterWire]

RUSSIAN HILL- Signore Lucchesi breaks the news that finally, upper Polk may get some decent pizza. New York-style Gioia Pizzeria is looking at a spot ironically just a block away from "Escape From New York" pizza. Though frankly with toppings like zucchini pesto and lacinato kale, it doesn't sound all that Noo Yawk to us. [ISSF]

MISSION - Looks like often despised El Rincon on 16th is being taken over by Paul Bavaro of Thieves Tavern. No active DBA yet, but their LLC is called Beards and Mustaches so if you thought the Mission couldn't get more hipster, you thought wrong. Stay tuned for more... [EaterWire]

Fork Cafe

469 Castro St, San Francisco, CA