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Kyo-Ya, Trader Vic's Palo Alto, La Perla—Gone For Good

Ubuntu, Rotee, Tao Cafe, and (probably) Tu Lan are no longer. Here now, a sad reminder about the other Bay Area restaurants that have bowed out and said goodbye to the land of the living. RIP.

Kyo-Ya.jpg1) SoMa: Days are numbered for The Palace Hotel's very mature, very upscale Japanese spot, Kyo-Ya (2 New Montgomery). Its last day in business is Sept. 21. [ISSF]

2) Palo Alto: The "historic" Trader Vic's at 4269 El Camino Real in Palo Alto just served up its last Mai Tai, making way for the oddly named The Sea by Alexander's Steakhouse, which is "an upscale seafood emporium." [ISSF]

3) Richmond (the city): The family owned La Perla Mexican Delicatessan will end its 63-year Mexican delicatessan existence before year's end. That 92-year-old regular who keeps coming back for the fried pork and the Richmond Chevron refinery are now SOL. Sad face. [CoCo Times via SFist]

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Kyo-Ya. [Photo: The Palace Hotel]


2 New Montgomery, San Francisco, CA